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JavaScript application load strategies

The load policy of a web application is really a cross technology topic in fact a web app that loads fast usually get a better user experience. The components of an application can be roughly summarized as following: services client … Continue reading

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Helper Classes

On our blog we spent few words about the architecture of a component in Flex / Air applications identifying which are the building blocks of well organized component. It’s the time to clarify the nature of the classes that … Continue reading

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De architectura: MVP in Flex / AIR components

More than one year ago we started to deeply study the Model View Presenter pattern because we found that there lot of good point to improve the architecture of our Flex application. The aim of this post is to share … Continue reading

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Sun’s GlassFish team was at the Code Camp

You can read through the slides for GlassFish: The Best Open Source Application Server and Rails powered by GlassFish. The demos shown in the talk are available at: Develop/Run/Debug Rails application using NetBeans and GlassFish Rapid Deployment Technology for Web … Continue reading

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RIA Teaching Resources

Rich Internet Applications (RIA) combine the flexibility of desktop applications with the broad reach of the web. RIAs are interactive and engaging, combining an online and off-line experience. To prepare students with the right skills for this new realm of … Continue reading

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Here you can find a lot of info about ARIA and it seems easy and quick to develop.

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101 fixes to Incrementally Improve Your Web Site

Surfing the web I found this itneresting article The article outilines 101 easy to implment techniques you need to use in order to improve the performance of your web site.

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