FATC conference, individual over processes

One of the principles of the agile manifesto that GNStudio subscribes to is:

“Individuals and interactions over processes and tools”

We have just returned from New York City where GNStudio sponsored and presented at the Flash and the City conference and we learned that this same principle can also be applied to conferences.

As a speaker, we had a positive experience — the agenda was pretty cool and the speaker lineup included many of the top names that you’d find presenting at any of the top conferences around the world. There were also plenty of opportunities for interaction with the presenters because the sessions sizes were small.

One of the presentations that we really enjoyed was the talk on Maque, because this application seems to solve a common problem: the generation of mock data.

Another interesting presentation was on Sencha Animator. Sencha Animator is a desktop app that creates CSS3 animations for WebKit browsers and touchscreen mobile devices. This tool is pretty cool and it’s going in the same direction that Adobe’s Edge is going.

Some other interesting sessions were Justin Mclean’s talk on Flex and hardware interaction (i.e. Arduino.) as well as Michal Labriola’s session and John Lindquist’s session.

On our side we did a presentation about Envision-APDT the eclipse plugin we created to model and generate source code (supported languages are PHP, Java, ActionScript, JS), here you can get the slides.

GNStudio has sponsored several conferences in the past and had the opportunity to interact with event organizers like Tom, John and Nicole from the 360|Flex, Phil Brock from the Agile Conference and Shawn Pucknell from the FITC events. Each time we sponsored a conference we had extraordinary experiences, but not this time…let’s explore what happened.

A few days before the conference started, we received a message from the event organizer asking about the payment of our sponsor fee. We replied that we had submitted payment about a month prior. In our reply we also attached proof of the wire transfer. However, the event organizer told us he was not able to locate the wire transfer and that we were at fault. So in order to clear up this misunderstanding, we asked our bank to make a request to the bank of the event organizer to find out what had happened with the transfer.  We continued with our plans for speaking and sponsoring FATC.

However, we were never really treated like sponsors at the event.  As sponsors we had provided stickers that were supposed to be included in the attendee bags, but unfortunately that never happened. When the organizer called out all the sponsors in one of his speeches to thank them and talk a bit more about what each did, GNStudio was not mentioned. When we tried to have a conversation with the organizer, he completely ignored us.

Upon returning to Italy after the event, we received confirmation from the event organizer’s bank confirming that money had indeed been successfully transferred.

At the end of the day we feel like we learned a valuable lesson from this frustrating experience…individuals and interactions are the building blocks of successful relationships.

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2 Responses to FATC conference, individual over processes

  1. tiTano says:

    Next year you should have sponsor for free…

    • gnstudio says:

      Eh, eh, eh…
      They are changing the name of the conference and they will move on Microsfot technology, so I guess they will not take care about the past year.
      By the way, it’s good to know that Flash will be not anymore associated with this organization.

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