Intelligere Flash Lite Server

Intelligere Flash Lite Server (FLS) is a c++ opoen source component that gives to you the possibility to interact with the API of a symbian device from Flash Lite.
Using FLS you can  extend the capabilities of your Flash Lite application making some simple HTTP calls sending commands and getting back data in ths SWF file.

The workflow of the application can be summarized as following


The main features of FLS are

–    Launch native video  player in full screen mode (launchVP)
–    Download a file from the NET (download)
–    Check the percentage of the download in progress (status)
–    Create the APN without opening the native selector (createAP) -> certificate is requested
–    Read variables without opening the APN selector (loadVariables)
–    Stop all the downloads (stop)
–    Close the whole application (exit)
–    Create a file (create)
–    Delete a file (delete)
–    Write content into a file deleting everything before (write)
–    Append content to a file (append)
–    Clear all the contents of a file (clear)
–    Rename a file (rename)
–    Check if a file exist (exist)
–    Get all the content of a directory (dir)
–    Create a directory (mkdir)
–    Delete a directory (rmdir)

In the RC2 version planned by the end of June 2009 the following feature will be added

–    Get a picture from the camera (mkPict)

You can get the source code from here.

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6 Responses to Intelligere Flash Lite Server

  1. Zohar Babin says:

    Cool application !

  2. Wow, great work Giorgio 🙂

  3. vilebody says:

    cool, is it possible to use it both with the KuneriLite toolkit?

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  6. gnstudio says:

    Yes, it’s a sis so can be used also as a dll.

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