360|Flex and Accessibility of ILOG Elixir charts

During this month we’ll be in San Jose for the 360|Flex, during the presentation we’ll talk about the accessibility of the Flex Framework and we’ll eplore how to create an accessible custom component.

The presentation will be on Flex and Accessibility with a practical demo of how to make ILOG Elixir component accessible for impaired users; the component we would like to work on is the OrgChart component on which we’ll implement a short description and a long one that is readable from the screen readers.

After the presentation we’ll publish for sure a lot of slides and practical samples.

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8 Responses to 360|Flex and Accessibility of ILOG Elixir charts

  1. Eric Simons says:

    Hi! I have a few questions regarding some of the intellegre projects…(ie how to set up intellegre SCS for video chat?). Could you please email me at ericsimons@es40.net?? much appreciated!

  2. Shiladitya Das says:

    I have a question regarding web accessibility of Flex components. Does Flex chart support web accessibility? Is it possible to navigate different bars in chart using key board only?


  3. Sumit Biswas says:


    I am working on a project which have an appication which is web based and will have compatitbilty of web asseccibility. I am using Flex for the RIA and using Flex Chart components. But, i came to know that Flex Chart dosen’t support Asseccibility. Please let me know is there any other way to make the Flash UI for accessibile for Flex Chart?


  4. gnstudio says:


    Yes it’s possible they support accessibility but I’m pretty sure that to extend the components in order to implement a full keyboard navigation handling the focus and the tab index of the nested elements.

  5. Sumit Biswas says:


    Thanks for teh reply. But, can you give an idea how to extend the component and the elements to get these features?


  6. gnstudio says:

    Have you checked this link http://www.mxml.it/index.php/2008/08/22/make-ilog-elixir-charts-accessible/? If you need more information feel free to ask….

  7. KS says:

    This site seems to be no longer working:http://www.mxml.it/index.php/2008/08/22/make-ilog-elixir-charts-accessible/. I get an error that says “Environment not found”.

    Can you please put the presentation/content of this site here?


  8. gnstudio says:


    The http://www.mxml.it will be again online in few days…

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